Stray From The Path – Anonymous Album Review

tumblr_inline_mwzhf9ZL311sr75clAnger can sometimes be so liberating. I’m talking about the feeling when the fury subsides and you feel light headed and are left to ponder over what made you lose your cool in the first place. That is the feeling I get each time I’m done listening to ‘Anonymous’ in its entirety.

‘Anonymous’ sees Stray From The Path shift even more towards a rhythm and groove based sound just as they had done in 2011’s ‘Rising Sun’ after a somewhat more technical 2009 album ‘Make Your Own History’. Stray From The Path are heavily influenced by Rage Against The Machine and it shows. It is uncanny how similar vocalist Andrew “Drew York” Dijorio’s delivery is to that of Zach de la Rocha. Though the band throw enough hardcore and “blehs” into the mix to prevent this album from sounding exactly like a Rage Against The Machine album. Guitarist Thomas Williams pulls out a lot of tricks from his arsenal, giving a varied but consistent performance.

Lyrically, the album is strong in most parts. The lyrics are strongest when the band is screaming about political issues. However, ‘Scissor Hands’(ft. Jason Butler of letlive.) which has one of the aforementioned ‘blehs’ and is musically great, is a little difficult to take seriously when you know it is about someone who doesn’t hang out with the band anymore because some broad is “playing games with his head”. Another such example is ‘Counting Sheep’ where the band is talking about some peer politics in music and they included “hashtags” and “reposts” to convey the message.

What the album has going for it is that it flows really well. The song writing is precise and none of the songs overstay their welcome or feel undercooked. The opening trio of ‘False Flag’, ‘Badge and A Bullet’ and ‘Radio’(ft. Jesse Barnett of Stick To Your Guns) kick off the album in style. ‘Slice Of Life’ is the song for those who loved ‘Make Your Own History’, showcasing that Stray From The Path can still pull off a more technical song.

‘Anonymous’ may have minor shortcomings but it is a beast of an album. It is 38 minutes of sheer aggression. What sets Stray From The Path apart from the slew of core bands that claim to be angry is they are not faking it.

8eight8 Rating 7.5/10

– BabaNikhilDev

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