Firdous Album Art

Art is a medium of expression and a means of communication. It helps people to connect with each other on a visual level. With the advent of iTunes and the modern era, the concept of album art has been dying a slow death. However, all is not lost.

Mumbai based Hindi Progressive Rock band ‘Coshish’ is one band that seems to be trying something quite out-of-the-box as far as artwork is concerned. This is what went down once I got my hands on their new album.

On ordering the ‘Firdous’ CD from flipkart, I got a very well-sealed package containing the CD which was commendable. The first thing that greets you is the eccentric cover depicting a man sitting cross-legged at the center in a yogi-like pose. It goes very well with the name ‘Firdous’ which can mean garden or paradise.

We also see a few buildings below indicating that this place is high above rather than down below adding a factor of artistic ambiguity into the mix.

Inside the album case, we come across a few snapshots of a man looking for something and then finding it. Inside the sleeve-jacket of the album we find a collection of small snapshot cards that have handwritten-like lyrics.

This kind of story-telling through pictures comes across as a very unique concept. It’s also a clever and interesting way to portray a story. I had a ball of a time arranging and re-arranging them all as I was listening.

All in all, the artwork depicted on this album has a nice balance of realistic-looking photographs and psychedelic art at the same time capitalizing on the hand-made touch of the lyrics. All of these together seem to give quite a commendable competition to some of the best artwork i’ve seen till date

– Supernova, 8eight8 Music

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