Undying Inc. – Ironclad Review


The Delhi based metal quartet Undying Inc. are back with a new single “I R O N C L A D” after a short period of turmoil.The band recruited a new drummer Nishant Hagjer and for a short period parted ways with vocalist Shashank Bhatnagar. The band has confirmed that this single will be a part of an EP having the same title to be released tentatively in December 2013.

The track, “I R O N C L A D” kicks off with an 8-bit intro which is followed by a groove laden riff. It is evident that Undying Inc. have gravitated towards a sound which is quite different compared to their debut album “Aggressive World Dynasty”. However, this change is caused not because of a drastic change in the music they play, but because of a change in production values. “I R O N C L A D” has Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor) at the helm as producer and as a result has a cleaner and more modern tone. The band however has in no way let go of the “brutal assault to the senses” brand of metal they became renowned for.They have added a lot of groove to their style which in fact  made me think of how it sounds like something off of a “The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza” record.

“I R O N C L A D” is a solid track and it has definitely made us curious about the EP. Here’s hoping that that it will be as relentless an assault as the single.

You can listen to the track here, if you haven’t yet : https://soundcloud.com/undyinginc/i-r-o-n-c-l-a-d

– BabaNikhilDev, 8eight8 Music

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