8eight8 Music Playlist #4: Songs by our Friends bands

Topic by Ink Effects

  1. Kshya Kramashah – DnQ (Quiet Boi)
  2. Insidious – Mutiny in March (Wild Child and BabaNikhilDev)
  3. Now We Collide The Stars That Don’t Shine – Aman Bharti (Quiet Boi)
  4. Big Bad Wolf – Jester (Wild Child)
  5. Soul Sleeper – Hashback Hashish (Supernova)
  6. Perry 1.7 – Purple in Green and Antriksh Bali (BabaNikhilDev)
  7. The Tatva – As We Keep Searching (MeghaMind)
  8. IntraNervous – Heisenberg (Wild Child)
  9. Constellations – Kaken. (Ink Effects)
  10. The Alchemy Tears of Despair – Guillotine (Ink Effects)
  11. Good Way to Die – Spud in the Box (MeghaMind)
  12. I’m Not Okay, You’re Not Okay – The Urban Earlymen (Wild Child)

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