A Prophecy from Pune

Dark Helm: Persepolis

  1. 539 BC
  2. Warcry
  3. Sands Within
  4. Cymbeline
  5. Persepolis
  6. Borrowed Time
  7. Jaffar
  8. Cyrus
  9. Origins || The Prophecy
  10. Origins || Endings
  11. |||


Apart from their unique music, the first thing that caught my attention was the innovative logo done by Rotting Graphics based in California. Dark Helm is a six piece deathcore/experimental band based in Pune. Guitarist Mohanish and keyboardist Aniketh formed the band back 2008. They started off in the year 2010 as college band competitors and eventually ended up on the success ladder.

In 2012, they released their album ‘Persepolis’ which was acclaimed by Itchy Metal Entertainment, a California based music production company. They were also successful in signing a two year contract with them. The album was produced by Mohanish and guitarist Clint at Ethereal Track Studio in Pune.

The theme of the album is based on the great Persian king ‘Cyrus’. It chronicles his time from when he came to power and how he defended his kingdom by cheating death and bending time. The first song of the album ‘539 BC’ was enough to get the listeners acquainted with their sound which has a middle-eastern tone to it. What sets the band apart is their creative use of classical instruments such as the sitar, santoor and tabla. The extended pig squeals, menacing growls, clean vocals and great guitar riffs were persuasive enough to get me loving their music. The super heavy and groovy riffage done over the extremely fast double bass drumming by Ninad was brutally intense. My double studded stars would go for two songs; ‘Origins’, comprising of two tracks each at their best and the other song being ‘Borrowed Time’ which has high pitched vocals that shine with the keys. ‘Cyrus’ has typical deathcore style riffs and a magnificent sitar solo. ‘Jaffar’ uses Egyptian scales along with massive breakdowns. The keyboards adding on to the choruses certainly gives it an exotic feel.

‘Persepolis’ has given Dark Helm a new lease on life and a level atop the other Indian metal artists. They are currently working on a new album which is to be released this year. We can confidently expect something different as they always have a creative outlook on their music. With the production work in progress, they will keep fans updated on the release of the album. They also got nominated for Best Band, Best Album (Persepolis), Best Bassist, Best Keyboardist, Best Song and Best Vocalist in Rolling Stone Magazine.

I think it’s a great debut! They have certainly kept their Indian roots intact with their western influence and it doesn’t lose its originality.

– Steffi

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