As We Keep Searching for The Tattva

As We Keep Searching is an exceptional three piece Post Rock/Ambient band from Ahmedabad. In the words of vocalist and guitarist Uddipan Sarmah, the band was ‘spontaneously formed’ in 2013. The rest of the members are keyboardist Shubham Gurung and drummer Ashwin Naidu. The kind of music they create touches the soul and expresses emotions in a unique way. One could guess it could be mainly because anything and everything inspires them.  We had an interesting conversation with the highly creative Uddipan Sarmah about the band, music, upcoming albums, singles and more.

How did you come up with the name ‘As We Keep Searching’? Tell us about the story behind the formation of the band.

The band was very spontaneously formed. Three of us were working on a project called Ajivika, the debut album of which will be released sometime in March. Having some common influences and some free time, we started jamming. This gave us confidence to form a new project. Thus, the band was born. The name came later in the story when we were searching for a bassist to complete our studio work. That’s when it struck us. Apparently it not only signifies searching for a bassist, but also a lot of things in our life.

What is the band’s inspiration in terms of music and what motivates you?

The best thing about the band is that the members’ individual influences are pretty varied. That’s what I wanted, being the producer myself.

Who are your musical influences? We won’t ever limit ourselves to some artist names. The list is huge. Many are commercial artists and the others independent musicians across the globe. Any music with soul is our favorite.

The band just released a new single called ‘The Tattva’ before the actual release date. What is the story behind that?

The plan was to check whether everything was sound on the social networking sites. We never expected the huge traffic in a single day. But yes, we kept waiting to declare the same on the promised day along with with a lyric video. T710_1215_SQ_AWKS_art

As a new artist, the first song always means a lot. What does the song mean to you and how have people responded to it?

Every new artist experiments to the core. And I feel they should not be afraid of doing it. Finding the band’s sound takes real time and dedication. We are too young a band to think about a single song. People expect packages, not bits and pieces from young bands. That being said, we are confident about all our songs. The Tattva was always considered as the first song to be released even before naming it. And to our good fortune, everybody has accepted the song well.

What does the title of the song ‘The Tattva’ mean? And how was the name decided?

Tattva means reality. The song speaks about us humans and our thoughts. It’s about the reality that we all are lost. I write the lyrics and the name was quite apt for having a theme about reality.

The band name is in English but your first song is in Hindi. What’s the story behind that? Will you have more Hindi songs?

Yes, we are mostly influenced by western bands. I guess we are the only band doing something with Hindi vocals and post rock. Considering our influences, it was obvious for us to have a name in English. But what we as an independent band crave for is being unique. And as I had mentioned, we are not scared of experimenting. So the idea of having a band name in English with Hindi lyrics didn’t bother us much. We feel music has no language.

What is your basic song writing process? What are the main themes for most of your songs?

Anything that inspires us. Be it nature, be it people, be it our instruments. Songwriting starts with Shubham on keys which slowly ends with a scratch program. Later, we keep refining and then record the drums. With the completion of bass come the vocals to wrap it up. Since we are a DIY band, I sit and engineer the song at the end.

How would you describe your music in words to people?


Are you going to release any other song of yours anytime soon? Tell us more about your upcoming album/singles.

We just released our second song called ‘Aakorxon’ on 10th Jan’14. It’s available for free download.

What idea do you think your music conveys? Is it exactly what you guys wanted to convey?

As told before, we are quite young to think of this. We have just started and people have accepted us with a warm welcome. That’s enough for us now to keep making music.

Are you guys going to change your genre for experimenting?

We will be experimenting but the genre will remain the same.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

Nothing yet. We are fortunate enough to have our own studio and a DIY approach to everything.

How can the more fans-to-be fans gain access to your music?

The answer to every problem these days seems to be Facebook. So, just facebook us away here. You can give their new  single ‘Aakorxon’ a listen here.


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