No More Battle: Vishal Chandra

I’ve been in the scene since 2008. And what I figured out was; yes opportunities are less compared to the number of bands that are born everyday. But still there are lots of opportunities. What I think we need to work on is awareness. We musicians realize this when we perform at different college fests and pub shows. Where there are people who still think rock is all about noise. I think radio can play important part in it. A station dedicated to just local bands all day. Shows showing how bands in India come into existence . The struggle, the hard work, the technicalities. I think we need to spread more awareness about rock to people which will help our scene. Sadly but undoubtedly movies like ‘Rock On’ and all helped the demand of rock bands to play at different venues. And obviously more opportunities other than college rock competitions for amateur bands.

– Vishal Chadra, Guitarist at White Beryl

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