No More Battle: Jatin Chhabra

As the bass player for Delhi/NCR based band Mutiny In March, I have been a part of the Delhi metal scene for a good long time and have seen a lot of things that happen time ad again at the gigs/battles. Sometimes things are so wrong that they leave a bad impression on a musician’s/band’s mind who have worked hard, fought all the way through the obstacles just to play the gig. Normally the story starts at the student level, school or college with a dream of growing as a musician, learn from better people around, make friends and eventually get famous (everyone wants to get famous). But what happens at these shows? Why most of the bands lose the fight and just give up? Because these shows are normally called as a “battle”. Do or die attitude has been spoiling the scene for such a long time that the bands have started thinking just with this ideology! And why wouldn’t they? These shows are just killing the “music” part of the show these bands have been dying to play, giving 20 minutess on stage including soundcheck and “the cash prize” which is not given as said at most of the college festivals. Why play such shows? Why not just, get along with each other. UNITE! And play music! Such shows can be organized on literally daily basis if we stop giving a damn about the event management agencies, college organizations and take things in our own hands. Organize a show, sell cheap tickets, get along with everyone, etc. but that comes later. The main point is, instead of a rival/competitive attitude against each other, lets unite and support each other in the scene. Why should a band get just one chance to show what they’ve got? We should support young talent/or a band which has potential to grow. Even the bigger bands in the scene should play with them, talk to them, just to give a sense of hope that they are not losing a chance to live their dream. if you sound good, big people will hear you eventually and you’ll move forward. Why step on each other like a competitor for growing in the scene? If you call yourselves a part of a Delhi Metal Scene. Unite and look like a Delhi Metal Scene.

– Jatin Chhabra, Mutiny in March

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