No More Battle: Akshay Johar

While the music scene in the country is proliferating at a break neck speed, everything within the community is largely unorganized. Largely there is a lack of cohesion amongst bands and artists, where most of us are caught in unhealthy competition amongst themselves which leads to most organizers taking advantage of that fact.

If there were a union of sorts, we could stand up against free gigs and blacklist companies or individuals but right now, bands do gigs for cheap or free because they’re afraid someone else will do it if they don’t.
Also, it is a ridiculously difficult proposition for talented young bands to get shows because there is a dearth of proper artist management agencies that will scout and establish young acts.
We need to have established bands finding and promoting such acts by taking them on tour and letting them open for them.

– Akshay Johar

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