No More Battle: Sarthak Khanna

For any music scene to flourish, the fuel is the audience. We have good bands all around with some limited support, but only if there were an ‘alliance’ formed, we can win this war. There is an eager audience looking for shows every now and then but accessibility is really limited.

More gigs means more exposure, more followers and more critics. If there is a regular series of gigs happening every weekend, the bands have more chances to show their expertise. Free gigs should be stopped but with minimal charges like 100- 200 bucks for a start up band making a win-win situation for both organizers and the band. Also, point of live shows is the audience so suitable arrangements should be made for them, cause a band without a loyal fan base is like a car without gasoline. Won’t start even if it’s a goddamn Porsche.

– Sarthak Khanna

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