No More Battle: Tanmay Jones Chakraborty

Film music still dominates the music scene in Delhi in commercial and in audience terms. Although things are changing with festivals like NH7 Weekender and new faces which are introduced, the audience for especially local music scene is not numerous. The growth of space and opportunity for different genres has not truly materialized since it is not profitable enough for the bands themselves nor for the venues presenting them. Alternative music scene, however vibrant it is in Delhi, does not reach to the public. One reason for the sad state of affairs is the unwillingness to spend money on gigs of bands which have not yet reached fame and fortunes. Secondly the lack of access to the music products of these bands makes them alien to the general public making the whole scenario a vicious circle. Surely there is also some place for betterment in the venue offerings, all of which tend to be relatively small and lack even the basic requirements of sound quality and acoustics for a band with electronic instruments. Moreover the music scene has to be promoted through more conventional routes of marketing which will then reach the public that does not otherwise frequent in the ‘hip’ restaurants and bars of Delhi.

– Tanmay Jones Chakraborty, Photographer

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