No More Battle: Megha Vasu

One of the main reasons behind these issues arising is none other than us. The reason behind not many gigs being able to put up. It’s not always about arranging the gigs. People must turn up as well. Until and unless there’s no majority support and there’s no one showing up, it doesn’t make sense. Because the organizers then have to work accordingly on it. Everything depends on the amount of people going to be attending, be it getting bands to perform or finding a place to put up the show. Until and unless people don’t actually show up there’s no point of doing anything. Usually people respond positively to the invites on social networking sites but don’t show up in reality. Now with people doing this how can anyone rely on that? How can we expect organizers to even organize gigs? Or even expect the  bands to perform? Only if there’s a good number of people ready to show up and pay for it will the organizers and artists be all enthusiastic about it. So let’s keep our words and start attending gigs so that even the bands and show organizers get convinced and work on it.


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