The Underground Uproar

 Facebook status by an 18 year old brings out the power of Social Media in turning tables for the ‘Delhi Metal Music Scene’.

Delhi is believed to have over 500 bands today from all age groups. Bands start forming at a school level starting off as cover bands. Slowly, by the end of school they start making their own Original Compositions. First year into college young bands are all set with their newly found freedom and get all set to ‘get on the road’. Sadly, in India that only means start playing at Battle of the Bands at various colleges. In my opinion while that may be a great platform, it has its negatives we face with the sound and faulty organizational skills. But, after all every coin has two sides. Now some bands break out the Band Competition and make it into the circuit. The question still remains, how many manage to reach levels set like say Undying Inc., Indian Ocean, Devoid, Scribe, Bhayanak Mauth and Skyharbor? There are many reasons as to why the Delhi Music Scene is unable to grow. However, these problems have silently been dealt with for long. In peoples minds the problems always rolled on but no one seemed to take a full-fledged stand.  On 24th of February Aditya Bali, a first year student studying Bio Technology from Amity University put up a status on facebook that read;

I was wondering, can’t the active bands of Delhi form “something” like an alliance with other bands, instead of considering them as competition?

This might be very experimental, but I would love to have a roster with bands like Colossal Figures, Purple in Green, Xanthium, Ebonix, Fragarak, Trigger, Murk Blare, Dark Moon Eternity, Alien Sky Cult, Toxoid, Astral Projection and many more, organizing mega gigs and shit. Why is Delhi Metal scene dying?

Aditya claims that he put the status up after the very substandard sound provided by Amity at the ‘Amity Youth Fest’ and after a nominal turn up at Café Morrison for the Hindu College ‘Mecca’ prelims. 1889072_1381094835496357_505247842_oSoon after the status was updated many people started sharing and agreeing to what this boy had to say. A meeting was ultimately scheduled by Dhruv Kalra, the music photographer, Karan Mehta who is the guitarist for Colossal Figures and many other leading musicians in the scene. The meeting is to be today 4pm i.e. Sunday 2nd March at the Indian Coffee House, Connaught Place. An event page was also started up by Vaibhav Chawla of Ebonix which recieved over 75 RSVPs. Online campaigns like #NoMoreBattle and a few polls went up between the status update and the meet. 12 bands took up the initiate to help the scene improve which included Colossal Figures, Ebonix, Mutiny in March, Alien Sky Cult, Murk Blare, Purple in Green, Immoral Values etc. Over a hundred people were involved and slowly the movement has begun to pace to other parts of the country.

One can only expect the best from the meet and keep their fingers crossed.

If you live in Delhi and you love metal. If you know that the scene is drowning and falling, make sure you are there to put in your views. It’s not an overnight activity that will get things better in one go. It will take patience and time. Most importantly, it will take maximum participation.

We are a cult and we get much less than what we deserve. It’s time we make that change.


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