Sabaton strikes again

Our favorite history teachers are back with their new album Heroes

Sabaton-2012-line-upSabaton! A band that took the world by storm in 2005 with their debut album Primo Victoria. Never in the history of music has anyone written songs about the World Wars and historic battles. And that is why they reached mainstream status in metal in such a short span and as they went ahead, fame followed. They not only have history related lyrics but also their music is equally powerful that makes you exactly feel the song. People like me who had a hard time at history really wish, “Why didn’t we find out about this band earlier?”. Sabaton has turned that boring history into something which is interesting and made it emotional as they have brought me to tears with some of their tracks.

So our favorite history teachers are back with their 7th studio album in the form of Heroes. Due to a new drummer and new guitarists I expected a different sound this time but frontman Joakim is stubborn and they stuck to their roots. They know what the fans want and gave them exactly that. Joakim has always been an inspiration to me. His vocals are always so pumped up, they always sound to me like he is extremely happy while singing. That really does the trick for me really, it’s the happiness that drives us Sabaton fans. Even when he’s singing a ballad, you can feel that happiness in his vocals.

Talking about Heroes, it is a short album, only 35 minutes long and by the end of the album you’ll be gleaming in happiness with a comical smile on your face. Yeah, that’s the power of Sabaton. The album starts beautifully with ‘Night Witches’ and ‘No Bullets Fly’. You’ll get a slight idea of what lies ahead in the album. Not for a moment will you be bored and you’ll never know when the last song ends. I can promise that you will feel the desire to press repeat. ‘Inmate 4859’, ‘Resist and Bite’ and ‘Hearts Of Iron’ are few of the best songs from the album.

2nd-artwork_mediumI don’t usually talk about album covers but this is the best Sabaton album cover yet, it also reminds of Pantera’s VDoP. Soothing guitar solos in ‘The Ballad of Bull’, ‘Inmate 4859’ and ‘Hearts Of Iron’ stole my heart; short, nothing too fancy but soothing. People who aren’t Sabaton fans might find it hard to get a grasp of the music, but after you listen to it a couple of times, it will get stuck in your head and you’ll keep listening. I listened to this album 15 times in 3 days. It is very catchy, so you will in all likelihood enjoy singing along, don’t be surprised if it happens unconsciously. The song ‘To Hell And Back’, which is about a hero from Texas, sounds very Cowboy-ish, but sounds like Japanese music and that made me giggle, and I had fun while listening to it.

Basically, Heroes is a powerful Sabaton album. Short and you’ll never know when the album ended as all songs are somewhat similar but never boring. It’ll feel like you’re listening to one 35 minute song. In a nutshell, a sweet, catchy and a very Sabaton-y album.


8eight8 Music Rating: 8.2/10



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