Demonic Resurrection Release a Demo(nic) Track

It is really turning out to be a watershed year for death metal with great releases coming in one after the other. While India has not contributed to this surge, I’m sure it is soon about to change as Demonic Resurrection, one of India’s oldest and most respected death metal acts, readies for the release of their 4th full length album titled The Demon King.


The band revealed a demo version of a new track called ‘Death, Desolation And Despair’ as part of a compilation album released by Candlelight Records called ‘Legion III’. ‘Death, Desolation And Despair’ will also be featured in The Demon King, which is slated for a 13th July release in India, 14th July in Europe and 15th July in USA.

‘Death, Desolation And Despair’ stays true to Demonic Resurrection’s symphonic blackened death metal sound. The keyboards give the song an eerie atmospheric feel. The song is fairly simple in its structure and despite its 6-minute run-time there is not much that would surprise anyone who is familiar with the band. The bass is not properly audible but I’m sure that issue will be resolved when the final version is released. You can listen to the track here. Let us know what you think about the track in the comments!

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