Naman Datta Talks About Simpler Days

The Band: Simpler Days

Composer and guitarist of ‘Simpler Days’ Naman Datta in conversation with Vishrut Pande, shares his experiences and states that ‘Simpler Days’ was basically a studio project that was conceptualized in early October 2013. Being a studio project ‘Simpler Days’ has released a self titled debut EP on 21st February 2014. The debut EP has been produced and recorded by Keshav Dhar at ‘Illusion Audio’.

Naman Datta has been engaged in writing songs for his debut EP since his college days, during those days he had a very primitive setup but he believes things changed once he started recording in a studio. He also gives credit to the production of Keshav Dhar in developing his sound and helping him evolve it.

According to Naman, working with Keshav Dhar in his studio made him realize the power and flexibility of studio recordings. He stated that as a solo artist, you definitely end up picking out key pointers for your next set of compositions, which in turn help you build and evolve on your sound.

On being asked why majority of the tracks on his EP had an instrumental base, he says, ‘ever since I was in school, I’ve perused composing instrumental ideas. I have nothing against vocals but I do believe that there are a few listeners who would prefer an instrumental sound over vocals. So I chose to cater to these discerning patrons, even though the EP has got 2 tracks with vocals.’

Naman believes that recording an EP has helped him a little in gaining popularity. He says that initially the viewer’s statistics on YouTube reached above 1500 but this lasted only for a few days. The people listening to him were mainly those who had followed him since college days, when he was a part of this band called ‘Root Murphy’.

1958135_444357359029467_1537786093_n (1)‘Simpler Days’ debut EP comprises of 4 tracks, the 4th track being an extended version of opening track. The track titled ‘King of seasons’ features a guest vocalist Esha G. Nair with Keshav Dhar himself contributing additional guitars on two tracks ‘King of seasons’ and ‘Astro Together’.

‘Simpler Days’ sound has been influenced by Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and Tool to name a few bands. The project classifies its genre as progressive rock, so lovers of progressive rock could certainly check out ‘Simpler Days’ debut EP on ‘Sound Cloud’ or ‘YouTube’ where tracks are available for free streaming.

Naman Datta wishes to collaborate with more artists for his second EP. He emphasized that work is already underway on a couple of tracks. But this time there would be double the number of collaborators, it would be essential to mention that a wider focus would be laid on production and music genres while considering the collaborations. People could expect a new single out by the end of August. Naman Datta wishes to work more with the upcoming artists as he believes with them, there exists better understanding and follow of ideas.

Simpler Days’ 2nd EP shall also be recorded at ‘Illusion Audio’ mainly because Keshav Dhar is one of the best producer, his work is impeccable according to Naman Datta.


– By Vishrut Pande

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