What does metal mean to women?

Women and metal.

Old Disgruntled Bastard

jill mcentee

How many female metal fans do you know with whom you can get into ultra-animated, impassioned discussions the way you do with other menfolk? No doubt there is a sizeable presence of women within metal circles, and a few have even gone on to become integral parts of bands, publications, and record labels but these are an obvious minority; most don’t care for the kind of obsessive-compulsive, personal investment that men regularly develop with this music, coming across as little more than hangers on and outcasts attracted to a “dangerous” music for some time before they “grow up” and latch on to the next trend that would have them. Lack of definitive role models doesn’t help either; mainstream media tends to favour objectification of centrefold models like Angela Gossow and Cristina Scabbia over women of substance like Corinne van den Brand (Achrosticon) and Jill Mcentee (Funerus)…

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