Evolve your senses with ‘Evolution’


After the success of Skyhabor album ‘Blinding White Noise’ the band recently decided to come up with a new crowd funded album that has not been named yet. The band has been touring around the world over the past couple of weeks having also hit the ‘Download Festival’ in England.

Just few days before the band went on tour they came out with a new single called ‘Evolution’.

Skyharbor has produced a masterpiece with their song ‘Evolution’. It seems like a journey through the various alleys and curves of a city bending at small intervals. The song starts with some little distorted guitars in the background, but before the monotony could set in, a drum pattern starts creating sounds that reminds us of a train running on the tracks. Soon, a heavier distortion appears. But the melody is still not lost, thanks to the music that is played along with the distortion.

The drumming patterns are much more complex on these tracks. One cannot give Anup Sastry less credit for his creative drum lines. Dan Tompkins magical vocal lines add another unique element to the track. He is melodious, the music behind complementing him well, although some places the vocals didn’t seem heavy enough to compensate for Keshav and Devesh’s guitars. The atmosphere resembles a light musical song, resembling some blues influence but many heavy elements at the same time. The drum beats continue to get more complex gradually reminding us that we are encountering a trademark ambient heavy ‘djent’ track. The screaming begins halfway into the track and is juxtaposed by a repetitive pattern of guitar. This brief aggression is lost after sometime, silence sets in and a plain textures appear. The sampling done used sounds of air gushing in at every moment. The singing gradually lowers into whispers, a typical Dan Tompkin trademark. It is ornately accentuated by the music of flute giving it a little classical Indian touch. The mellowness once again transcends into a melodic aggressive environment which is succeeded by an interesting guitar solo. The guitar pattern and distortion pattern seem to follow each other throughout the song. It presents a really entire unique style of metal for those who follow it. It seems to contain some elements from symphonic metal too.

Unlike many progressive metal bands which follow a free verse structure, this song somewhat sticks to the intro and verse structure of lyrics. However the sound may have seemed a little confusing with the numerous elements and variations used.In parts, you feel like the vocals were too light for the this time more heavy and progressive sounding Skyharbor instruments. The track seems to lack that uniqueness we all felt through the whole of the previous album, ‘Blinding White Noise’. Maybe a little moore balance is what will make the rest of the album tick. However, going up a level on the heaviness definitely gives us a rush of excitement for the next single.

To understand it, listen to it in a headphone. It’s a bet, you just cannot listen only once. Check it here –

8eight8 Rating – 7/10


– Shubhadeep Basak and Srishti Das

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