13 Year Long Vacation Makes Godflesh Stronger

“The best decision Godflesh ever made was to break up, people appreciate us more now”

I was not so long ago introduced to Godflesh, Jesu and the personality I have grown so fond of, Justin Broadrick in my favorite secret deepest, darkest corner of the internet by a very special friend. Since then, there has been no turning back.

godflesh_1277059014_crop_550x550Godflesh recently, after a 13 year long hiatus, came out with an EP called Decline and Fall which blew the minds of most Godflesh fans. During the long vacation Justin worked on various other projects which include another favorite project of mine called Jesu.

Justin started making music when he was about 16 years old, having played with Napalm Death back then and later moving on to many self made projects. His major inspiration is drawn from Birmingham where he grew up as a kid. He believes he should have been exposed to a more calm and serene environment while a kid. He now lives in Wales and has not visited Birmingham in over 20 years and does not wish to either. Justin talks about his life, the birth and life of Godflesh and about how the new EP came into being. He discusses the new album coming soon next year called A World Lit Only By Fire and promises that it is the most aggressive and brutal work by Godflesh ever. He states that he did not want Godflesh to make a comeback and sound mellower because when he looks at the mirror he is still his 29 year old self.


Here is part one to the interview where he basically talks about Godflesh. Stay tuned for part 2 which is all about Justin and his  life.


Interview by: Srishti Das

Contributed by: Chad Toye

Edited by: Srishti Das and Antriksh Bali

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