Trail of Devastation? Sounds Good!

You may come across a song that praises evil, that glorifies the unholy, but you would seldom hear something that does it so convincingly, with the lyrics exactly matching the music. That’s exactly how the first single titled ‘The Trail of Devastation’ from Demonic Resurrection’s new album The Demon King makes you feel. Growling and clean vocals effectively highlight the serious feelings of fear and faith over the Almighty, though the latter is not the major part of the story in this track.

The thundering drums in the intro remind us of the loud footsteps of an army of demons marching, destroying everything on their way as mayhem breaks loose. They seem to mock the people and challenge their father in heaven to save them. Overall, it gives a blackened death feel, the symphonic metal feel is hard to miss. This single edges nearer to the blackened death metal genre and differs from their first album by using keyboards to a lesser extent and mainly using it to create an atmosphere rather than some melody. It also does not offer any guitar solos. It sheds the touches of power metal in this track which were clearly visible in their earlier albums. This album being inspired by Hindu Mythology, the song clearly showcases the moment of the triumph of evil over good, the moment of apocalypse, the moment when evil wreaks havoc in vengeance.

In particular, this song brings alive the memories of the track ‘Ovi Fire and the Void’ by Behemoth which has a similar feel overall. Demonic Resurrection have maintained their style of music as a way of narrating some epic in this track too. The riffs though not brutally heavy, perfectly cohere with the rhythmic patterns of the drums. Viru Kaith offers again a masterpiece of his drumming talent by not sticking to a continuous pattern of blast beats, usually a trend in the blackened death metallic genre. He frolics his beat pattern every now and then and creates a ‘let me hear this further’ feeling instead of the ‘oh! the same beats have returned again’ sort of feel. His drumming offers the touch of dynamism and freshness which prevents the song’s atmosphere to descend into a gloomy feel. He certainly deserves a standing ovation for this. The bass aspect is somewhat relegated to the background; DR should have definitely put in more bass in this track. This song symbolically defines the dark times in the lives of every human being when misfortunes and treachery tend to destroy his will and faith, when there seems no hope but only miseries. The journey ends when all the souls have finally perished and demons start ruling the world. Follow this link now to give it a try !
Rating: 7/10

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