Single Review: Nautilous for Nemo by Amongst Denied

Have you been looking for a fresh new metal band with the energy and passion you carry for the music you listen to? Well, good news for you because Pune based experimental metal band Amongst Denied recently came up with their single from their debut album Elevate. The band named the track ‘Nautilus for Nemo’, which is a metaphor symbolizing attachment and belonging. The song relates to Captains Nemo’s favorite submarine Nautilus from which he could never step away. Thus, the bond to keep one going and to fight for what they love is the theme of this track. In the track, Amongst Denied tries to take you through the journey seen through Nemo’s eyes, giving in all he can to be on his favorite submarine.

1948040_694662833930663_8217202527931848288_nThe band compromises of musical energies of Jinu Verghese, Akzshat Pande, Akash Sharma, Ajinkya Joshi, Arjun Menon and Akshat Vaze and together they have created the kind of a track that will definitely make you sway your head to the beat. The track gives you a sudden, huge blow of energy with very aggressive riffs continuing throughout the duration of the track. The track starts out with clean vocals which leads into some very heavy growls with the clean vocals coming back in towards the end of track on a lower volume making it hard to comprehend the vocals. However, the effects in the track keep your attention towards the track intact. The best part of the track is how the band managed to make the track very melodic with the aggression and energy in place.

Overall, I enjoyed the track and would suggest everyone to give it a listen. It is not a track you would listen to once but will definitely grow on you more with each listen. Looking forward to the album Elevate coming up soon.

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Rating: 7.5/10

Srishti Das

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