New Machine Head Songs Leaked, Rob Flynn Reacts

Rob Flynn is not your normal, full of himself, coked up metal musician. He is an intelligent, perceptive person who is aware of the changing times in metal today. He has always accepted that peer to peer file sharing platforms like Torrents are here to here to stay. Thus when somebody “inadvertently” leaked 2 songs off Machine Head’s new album Bloodstone and Diamonds, Machine Head responded to it by telling everybody about the leak and promoting the songs rather than try to suppress it or threaten to sue everybody in sight.

Oh yeah, that’s right, the official album version of “Killer & Kings” has leaked too.


 We are FURIOUS.

 Imagine what a total shock it was to the band and our new label, Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

 I found out about it when a friend of mine from the UK texted me saying, “dude, Now We Die is KIIIIILLLLLLLER”, I went “uh,  how did you hear it…?”

 Regardless, there is no sense fighting it. The Internet is the speed of light nowadays, and you know, what? That’s a good thing.

 It had only been localized to the iTunes UK site, (meaning: nowhere else in the iTunes World had a “Bloodstone & Diamonds”  pre-order page even up to be seen) but let’s face it, it was only a matter of hours before it went all over torrent sites and  YouTube, so us and our label have made the bold decision to follow suit with the UK iTunes page, and offer the 2 songs as a “gratis” purchase when you pre-order the album from any worldwide iTunes site.

 It is going up on Spotify as soon as humanly possible.

 And we’ve taken it one step further.

 We have decided to upload both “Now We Die” and “Killers & Kings” to our own YouTube channels for anyone who wants to  hear both songs for FREE, without a pre-order. This is our way of saying “thank you” to our fans in the U.S. for their patience  and understanding in our difficult decision to postpone our U.S. tour.”

The complete statement can be read here.

Even though they might be furious with the leak, Machine head realized there was no point trying to do damage control and have decided to take in their stride. It is good to see that Rob Flynn follows what he preaches as he has been particularly vocal about these topics over the years. And his logic makes complete sense. The songs would have been widely available on the internet within hours and they decided to nip it in the bud by promoting the leak themselves. This also wins them brownie points from the fans and further cements Rob Flynn’s reputation as an intelligent and forward thinking musician. Win-Win for everybody. Well, almost.

On the music front, in Now We Die Machine Head pick up where they left off in Unto The Locust. It sounds like a continuation of their musical evolution with clear elements from previous albums but also some new ones. As always, it features a killer solo from Phil Demmel. Check out both the songs below and give us your thoughts on the band’s response and their new songs.

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