CHON Announce Debut Album on Sumerian Records

Progressive rock band CHON have signed a record deal with Washington D.C. based label Sumerian Records, home to progressive and modern metal acts such as Animals as Leaders, Periphery and The Dillinger Escape Plan. The San Diego quartet, now based out of Oceanside (California) features Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel on guitars, Drew Peliseck on bass and Nathan Camarena on drums.

In a statement released to their fans, the band said:

“We are insanely stoked to announce that we’ve joined Sumerian Records!! We have cooked up some incredible things for 2015 and beyond. Look out for our debut album to be released early 2015”

Their debut album is expected to release sometime in spring 2015. It follows closely after their EPs Woohoo! (2014) and Newborn Sun (2013). The band posted the following video in which they talk about their origins and offer a peek into their production process for their upcoming debut.

CHON are renowned for their highly technical playing style while still managing to retain a sense of musicality in their song. They emphasize cleaner guitar & bass tones and intricate drum parts, making them uniquely identifiable within today’s progressive music scene. The band spent a substantial part of 2014 on tour with Conquering Dystopia and Animals as Leaders.

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