About Us


8eight8 Music Blog is the result of 3 very close friends inspired by the movie ‘Almost Famous’ in their shady apartment. Their common love for music even through the different tastes leads to a lot of different elements on the blog. The blog was later joined in by a couple of more members and today 8eight8 Music is how you see it.

Shoumitro Roy is the one who makes the blog a better place with his super natural Grammar Nazi powers. He loves technical detail in music and is a musician himself. He is one of the founding members of the blog. He is the guitarist for the band Mutiny in March.

Parth Gyani, once upon a time, didn’t like growled vocals. He loves all kinds of music (except nu-metal) and has a soft spot for 80’s neo shred. His moonlights as Morgan Freeman on his personal blog. Louis CK is his idol.

Shantanu Lal is a guitar nerd who can tell you how much gain Dave Mustaine used on a from song 20 years ago. His knowledge of all things guitar is extensive. His attention to detail *cough*OCD*cough* drives us crazy some times. Most of the times. He pretends to be a photographer on Instagram.

Feel free to stalk us down on Facebook and Twitter or just email us at 8eight8music@gmail.com.

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