Gyani’s Weekly Playlist: Stoner, Doom and More

To start off our weekly playlist segment, today’s playlist has one theme: stoner/doom bands. The heavy, crushing riffs, slow haunting melodies, melancholic atmosphere and all the other musical traits characteristic of the genres are on full display here. The playlist includes songs that could be classified as stoner, doom, acid rock or desert rock. So plug in your earphones and lights your buds.


Truckfighters: “Mastodont”

The song’s name made me like it even before listening to it. But this 11 minute epic by Truckfighters has everything that makes the band so good- monstrous riffs, beautiful ambient parts and intricate transitions.


Electric Wizard: “Funeralopolis”

The main tune that starts off at the intro and keeps recurring throughout the song gets stuck in your head. Their doom/sludge dirty sound elevates the tune and makes the the song a slow but heavy classic.


Lowrider: “Texas, Pt. 1-2”

Listen to the bass riff that starts off at around the 3:12 mark. The word groovy doesn’t so it justice.


Fu Manchu: “Mongoose”

Fu Manchu, while not as heavy as the other bands in this list, were one of the most popular acid rock bands to come from California. The song shows how you can be groovy without being heavy.


Witchcraft: “Deconstruction”

The song balances a crushing, slow, typical stoner riff with more upbeat punk style parts.


Queens of The Stone Age: “A Song for The Dead”

If that riff at the start doesn’t hook you, those triplet fills by Dave Grohl surely will. As good as Josh Homme is, this songs belongs to Dave Grohl and is a fine reminder of his brilliant drumming skills. Skip to 4:42 to see the band go crazy.


Void of Sleep: “Ghost of Me”

The whole song is amazing but the tempo drops at the end are just insane. Every time you think that the beat couldn’t possibly be any slower, the band drops it again and blows you away.

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