No More Battle: Antriksh Bali

Throughout history, it has been observed that great change was brought about only when the common man, absolutely fed up of rampant inequality and injustice, stood up and decided to make a drastic change not just for himself, but for the mindset of an entire generation and the ones following it. These are radical times, and radical times call for a revolution. This is exactly what the music scene in Delhi needs. Musicians need to rise up from petty politics, throw away all preconceived notions about everything, come together and form a bond that can dissolve all societal structure and truly unite everyone in the spirit of music and love.

As a musician myself, the feeling of creating a piece of music that actually ends up taking its own unique form in itself, an entity bigger than all of us is more than just a creative process. it’s almost a spiritual experience for me. When religion is going down the shit-hole, and all everybody cares about is money, power, politics, and sex, the only thing that can help one see through the hazy looking-glass at the true essence of all we are, at the core are the arts, especially music. It shows us a mirror and awakens a dormant side of humanity, an almost destructive, yet transformative facade to an otherwise constantly revolving and changing world filled with monotony and conflict. Connection to this facade is what can evoke unparalleled vigour in the masses to change things, make the biggest of statues move with just a push.

A push is all it takes. A push is all it needs.

– Antriksh Bali, Keyboardist at Ebonix

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