No More Battle: Roshan Roy

I’m not really sure if the scene can improve because there are too many bands these days. This is a good thing of course for music lovers but they are not able to fill the venues. Thus, the pub owners would rather have a lesser known band who end up playing for free. Also, due to the huge number of bands even the established bands are ready to take a pay cut in order to play live, which is what all of us want to do. Once the pro bands take a pay cut the semi-pro bands have no clue as to where they stand in terms of charging for gigs. They cant ask more otherwise the gig goes to some band who is ready to play for free and they cant ask less because even they spend a lot of money and time for jamming and recording. So, it’s all a big circle. But, I’d love to help the cause if there actually is some way to help everyone out!

– Roshan Roy, Bassist at The Urban Earlymen and Punkh

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