Dark Helm Track Review: Cairo Settlement IX

Cairo Settelment 9Dark Helm is a progressive deathcore band hailing from Pune, India. They had released their debut album Persepolis in the year 2011 for which they had received tremendous positive response and now are back with a new track called ‘Cairo Settlement IX’ which will be off of their new upcoming album. The band consists of the musical energies of Raveesh Salelkar, Clinton Moniz, Mohanish Deshmukh, Shubhrayu De, Arjun Menon and Aniketh Shankar.

‘Cairo Settlement IX’ is certainly different from their work so far and thus might lead a listener, especially a Dark Helm fan, to disappointment initially. To me, however, this track gives an impression that the band has decided to reduce on the ‘brutal’ image and instead work on making more mature music. The track begins with an ambient electronic intro with fast paced programmed beats somewhat along similar lines with Periphery. The band has definitely gone into a more progressive sound from their original deathcore music. They also continue to use Indo-Middle Eastern melodies which is their trademark. The tempo and the heaviness changes right after the intro, giving the listeners a peek of the old Dark Helm. However, the band seems to have used a lot of soulful, clear vocals and Raaveesh has done a great job with maintaining the aura of the track. A lot of clean guitar tones were used and the last guitar solo reminded me of Insomnium’s last album One for Sorrow.

Dark HelmThis track surely leaves me confused with what we will be receiving from the band in the new album. There was less usage of Indo-Middle Eastern samples but the special effects that were used worked well with the track. Overall, the track has sweet and sour moments with interesting melodies. The song, like the band promised, really is something very different from the usual Dark Helm. Let’s hope they manage to pull off the experimentation. Can’t wait to listen to what they are upto.



8eight8 Rating: 7.5/10

– Wild Child


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