Artist Interview: ZYGNEMA.

IMG_1451337005622 Zygnema is a four piece heavy/thrash groove metal band hailing from Mumbai. It was formed in the year 2006 and since then have been successful at creating music that metalheads have the desire to listen to. They released their debut album ‘Born Of Unity’ in 2010. They also won the ‘Best Metal Band’ and the ‘Best Metal Song’ award in the popular choice category in 2011 at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards.The band is currently working on their second full length album.

Here’s a little chat I had with the band about their second album, their experience, their take on the scene, their plans and lots more.

Q) Hey thanks so much for taking time out for this little interview. So how busy has Zygnema been these days with the recordings of the second album? And what is the second album called?

Thank you for keeping us in mind. Well we have been focusing purely on jamming 3-4 times a week and working on new material. We have been busy in general as we all have day jobs .We meet up after work and practice. We are still in a very nascent stage with 8 solid tracks out of which only 4 tracks have lyrics so can’t think of a name yet.

Q) You guys released a track from the second album. Tell us about it.

We released ‘Shell Broken Hell Loose’ 2 weeks ago and it’s up for Free download on our Reverbnation page. You can also get a glimpse of another track called as ‘Invidious I’ on YouTube. We played this for the first time at Inferno Metal Festival 2013.

IMG_1689695556646Q) What can the listeners expect from this album? And what would it be all about?

Well musically it is a little different from the previous one. We have evolved as musicians and mainly as a band. We don’t keep a particular sound in focus and forcefully work around it. We all just write our parts and jam. We still have a lot of groovy parts in our songs, the tracks are sounding really heavy and WE LOVE IT.

As mentioned in my previous reply, it’s too early. We ourselves don’t know what this albums going to be all about. Just going with the flow.

Q) Having performed at various fests and metal battles nationally and internationally, what do you guys have to say about the experience, the overall response and the scene?

Brilliant. Can’t pen down our experience here. You have to live that moment to experience it. For us a competition is not a ‘COMPETION’ in literal sense. It’s a gig. We take the opportunity to play our hearts out while others sit and contemplate whether to do it or not. We still got a lot to explore to comment about the scene in Europe. It was just a cock teaser for us which has made us really hungry.

Q) Are you guys going to perform again internationally anytime soon?

We would love to. We have not gone out of our way to book shows. Touring with our 2nd album seems apt at the moment.

IMG_1498170501708Q) Whom do you guys wish to perform with?

Oh damn, it’s a never ending wish list. You name the band(national or International) and it will be a yes. 

Q) What are your main goals as a band? Where do you guys see yourself in say, 5 years from now?

For now, we just want the band to be self sufficient and survive. 5 years seems too far away. A lot of bands fade out mainly because of financial crisis and we are taking necessary steps to avoid that situation. Metal music is not accepted in this country and we know that you are fully aware of this situation. So keeping all this in mind, the best goal is to keep the music alive without burning our fingers.

Q) Which other metal bands from India do you think must go international?

All of them. Not being diplomatic here, but the quality of metal bands in India is getting better day by day. Musicians are at their peak but there are hardly any Label/ promoters/organizations to push Indian bands on foreign soil. Bands first have to check their bank accounts before sending out an email to any festival abroad. The day this changes our bands/musicians will finally take that call of pursuing metal music to full fill their DREAMS.

IMG_1473729827887Q) How was it to perform at the The Silence Fest IV, having Behemoth headlining the fest? How was the whole experience?

It was amazing. As I mentioned in my previous reply, all the festivals that we have performed at have been a life changing. We learn a lot looking at established bands and they are kind enough to advice you on doing things that means the most to you.

A big thank you to Bikrant and the Silence festival team for having us. It’s really amazing to see such great festivals shaping up in our neighboring countries.

Q) Has there been any event (positive/negative) that occurred and had or has brought changes to Zygnema as a band or your style of playing?

It happens almost at every gig. We learn so much from each other and from our supporters on daily basis. One thing that we experience and hang on to is ‘Faith’. We have immense faith in our brothers and sisters who have supported us. It sucks to not acknowledge the ones who treat you with so much respect and love. One good thing we learn after every gig is that, ‘We all are equal. Doesn’t matter if you are a musician, a promoter, or a guy who travels all the way to watch you perform. It’s a circle and we all are incomplete without each other’ Too many good things happening at a gig so why bother with stuff that’s of no use. Honestly we don’t get affected by negativity. It simply makes us stronger

Q) Where do you guys plan to perform next?

We will announce our next gig shortly. Kindly check our Facebook page for updates. 

IMG_10211828674276Q) Which is that one artist that has influenced your music to a great extent?

Individually we all have different influences. There is the one day where each and every one of us is blown away after watching Iron maiden or Testament at a concert. You spend that night practicing or writing new stuff. Next day you wake up and watch a Sepultura DVD and you want to be that band with a strong motive. Too many bands have played an important role but when all of us come together, we keep our influences aside. Its music in the end that inspires you to do this every day.

Q) Any messages for our readers?

Believe in yourself and your brothers who stood by you. Keep writing/playing/doing stuff that comes straight from your heart. Don’t give up cause that’s what this music is all about.

Here’s the link to their new track ‘Shell Broken Hell Lose’ :
For more updates you can follow Zygnema on facebook and Subscribe to them on Reverbnation:


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