The Show Must Go On

After releasing a track, Pune band ‘What Google Can’t Find’ part ways with vocalist Ajinkya Joshi

536223_541277022593216_1785012524_n‘What Google Can’t Find’ is an Alternative Metal band hailing from Pune. The band with the interesting name that instantly catches you compromises of Akshat Vaze, Ajinkya Joshi, Raghav Barve, Siddhant Barwe and Sagar Mohan. They formed in October 2010 and since have come out with a couple of singles. The latest single includes their latest track released called “Weirdly Happy Ghost”. The track covers the bands many rock and alternative influences. Parts of the track remind me of Mudvayne’s Happy especially with the texture on Ajinkya’s vocals. The track has a very feel good ring to it and is simple which makes it a very good listen. The track has a very raw feeling to it and the guitar solo towards the end of the track is specifically interesting and catchy. Through the track, you feel many variations and can tell the band has various different rock influences. However, a little clarity in the words would help understand the lyrics, adding another dimension to the track. The track is the kind that literally plays in your head all day after you listen to it a few times.

Overall, I would like to see a little more originality from the band. I believe they have far more to go with a little more of a push. The band still maintains a unique group in the country with their musical style. In my opinion making simple music and making it, sound beautiful is a style that has begun to vanish.

582366_449011171819802_1419641928_nHowever, sadly a few days after the release of the track the band uploaded a post stating that vocalist Ajinkya was parting ways because of his new job in Chennai. He was quoted saying, “Last month, I got an offer from Amazon India which I couldn’t refuse from the Career point of view. I am the only child and my parents are closing in on retirement so I have certain goals set for myself so I took the job”. He says that it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the band to hang on to him when commitment is something he can’t offer right now. He believes that the band has a lot of potential and form a solid unit. He hopes WGCF goes on and hinted that the band found a new vocalist who would be taking his spot. When asked Ajinkya about his most treasure moment with the band he stated, “I couldn’t pinpoint or single out one particular incident or experience. I would say the whole of the last 4 years has been amazing. It was a life changing experience. Through the ups and downs, trials and tribulations; we achieved whatever little we could on our own terms and that’s something I will always hold on to.”

We sure hope WGCF the best and hope that Ajinkya doesn’t give up music in search of his career.

Lastly, bassist Akshat Vaze said Ajinkya was like his brother and close friend and not working with him would be difficult, but it’s all for the love of music and the band. The show they say, must always go on.

While Google can’t find them, you can look them up here on facebook:

Listen to the track here :

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